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By Barbara McDowall

My view of spirituality is reflected in the words of Father Leo Booth's When God Becomes a Drug; it is related to the word spirit; not a child's concept of a white-sheeted Holy Ghost flying in and out of our lives, but an inner attitude that emphasizes energy, creative choice, and a powerful force of living.  It is a partnership with a Power greater than ourselves, a co-creatorship with that Power that allows us to be guided and yet to take responsibility for our lives.

Spirituality, the re-membering and reconnecting to our Source, doesn't occur in a prescribed, limited way one day a week.  They can occur spontaneously and in the least likely places.  We can access it whenever we take time to walk in nature.  It can occur when we take time to be still and listen to that stillness within us.  And it can happen whenever we interact with others with a genuine, open heart whether they are the homeless, sex trade workers or those who find themselves on the margins of so-called society.  Here the apparent gap between who we appear to be is transcended by our common humanity and the realization of our common connection to our Source.  That divinity is within each of us and we all participate, consciously or unconsciously, in the Dance of Life.

Often small groups that gather on a regular basis, e.g. a yoga class, a support group, or a mum and tots social group and many others are places of spiritual and personal nourishment.  The Welcome Inn Drop In Centre is an excellent example of palpable spirituality in action right here in Guelph.  Families too can also be a source.  This doesn't just take place in groups.  Individuals, too, can access their true nature as they intentionally re-member their divinity.

All these groups can be powerful gateways into a place where we can connect soul to soul on a much deeper level.  We can do so in a more accepting way that allows each member to feel accepted, respected, valued, and loved unconditionally without any judgement.

Spirituality, our remembered connection to our divine Source is most powerful when it is visible, when we practice it lavishly through compassion and the Golden Rule.

Our spirituality can be accessed in so many different, unassuming and humble ways and through a variety of diverse activities.  It is accessible to everyone wherever they are in their dance with Life.  When we awaken to our innate divinity, we awaken to that in others.  We recognize we are all in that same dance; that we are all one connected to the One Source. 

We are spiritual beings first and foremost experiencing ourselves through this physical experience by re-membering who we are and then living our lives as the embodiment of that spiritual nature. We have the power to activate our spirituality and access it whenever we desire, 24/7/365.

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