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I wanted to thank you so much for making our ceremony everything we envisioned and more. Your calmness made us feel so confident and natural. The way you put all of what we discussed together was perfect! Thank you again :)
Amanda & Rachel Mississauga, ON
Celyne and I wanted to thank you for all your help and the wonderful and touching ceremony you conducted on May 3rd. Your calming presence was very helpful for both of us and we could not have been happier that the ceremony was perfect for us. It was a pleasure to have you officiate our wedding and we will be happy to recommend your services to others.
Sam & Celyne Toronto, ON
Just remember all the joy and love you have passed on to everyone who is lucky to have been or is a part of your world. You shine with love; never forget that. This is how I see you and always will.
Pattie P. Toronto, ON
Barb, thank you again for sharing your grace and wisdom with me today. Your support as always made a difference!
Lisa D. Toronto, ON
Thank you for being such a special part of our wedding. Your steady hand and warm, reassuring confidence helped put us at ease on the 'Big Day'. We couldn't have asked for anything to have gone better.
Alan & Christine Toronto, ON
Thank you so very much for helping us to craft, create & experience a meaningful welcome/blessings for Maia. We appreciate the time you spent with us, answering our questions & providing food for thought - for the templates & encouragement to make the ceremony our own. Mission accomplished! It was magical.
Annemarie & Shani Toronto, ON
Thank you for your help, advice, and the special way you are able to put people at ease. We are very happy we chose you to marry us.
Ron & Jacqueline Oakville, ON
We wanted to let you know you did a fantastic job at our wedding ceremony! We received many comments about how great you were, and when listening to the recordings, we could not agree more. We appreciate the time and effort you put into making our day special!
Steve & Laura Toronto, ON
Barbara is one of the most compassionate people I know. She has definitely found her calling in life. I have seen Barbara 'in action' on a social level and the crowd of people that is naturally drawn to her is amazing. Her gentleness but straight forward approach makes Barbara a star in my eyes. Barbara is deserving of only the best her life has to offer. She is truly an amazing woman, human and living spirit.
L. Mabee Kitchener, ON
For more than thirty years, Barbara McDowall has been for me a source of spiritual insight, wisdom and friendship and I value highly my continuing relationship with her.
S. Bunston Guelph, ON
Thankfully, Barbara and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. After getting to know her through phone conversations and emails, I knew Barbara was the right person to recommend to some clients of mine who lived in the Toronto area. Barbara is a warm soul who can get to the heart of the matter very quickly. Although she is direct in her approach, she balances it with love and genuine empathy at a level that is not only endearing, but also very soothing and calming. She has helped me find the answers by reminding me of what I already know; going within and learning how to trust myself.
M. Neiser Burlington, ON
Barb has a persuasive communication style that engages clients (individuals and groups) to uncover their authentic calling in life. Barb is willing to go where many others are too timid to venture - a placed called self. Her transparency, humility and joyful personality invite those she is coaching to do the same. Bravo Barb!
K. Eve Toronto, ON
Barbara and I had a consultation many years ago when my career was stale - the result was great. Now Barbara has helped me through another turn - heading towards retirement and making life changes. Her insight is fantastic. She cut right through to my hot buttons and helped me to adjust my path to a more meaningful and rewarding life. Thank you again Barbara!
G. Hayes Nanaimo, BC
Barbara is one of the most compassionate and caring people that I know. I have had the pleasure of working on three business transactions with Barbara, and Barbara officiated at my daughter's wedding. With every opportunity I've had to interact with Barbara, I have found her to be warm, passionate and supportive. Barbara certainly has a gift for the work she does. I highly recommend her.
C. Sorbara Guelph, ON
Barbara has the open heart and open mind needed to calm a stressed out bride and groom. Barbara understood what we wanted and needed our wedding to be for us, and was able to point us in the right direction while we were writing our vows, and ceremony (something I felt was important that we do ourselves). Because of her help we ended up with the ceremony we dreamed of, a nod to my history, family traditions and beliefs without leaving the groom's side completely confused and in the dark ether. Barbara is by far the best non-denominational officiant available...and I have recommended her to friends.
A. Nightingale Kitchener, ON
I have had the opportunity to work with Barb in a number of capacities, not just in Customer Service, but as a co-worker and as a business colleague. Barb is self-motivated, enterprising and energetic. She projects confidence and exudes compassion. In all my dealings with Barb I have found her to be flexible, motivating, sincere and authentic, all qualities which I value. She embodies fairness and is passionate about lifelong learning. She adds value to whatever she does.
M. Yanicki Toronto, ON
Barb is a skilled coach, a wise woman who is passionate about helping others . She has the courage to be integrous and authentic even when the situation is life changing. Barbara encourages, excites and motivates people in a respectful and loving manner. Barb speaks her truth. She walks her talk and I admire her.
L. St. Jacques London, ON
The name, Authentic Lives, fits Barbara to a tea! She is one of the most authentic and caring people I know. She is gracious, professional and creative. Choosing only 3 of the above attributes was somewhat unfair, as Barbara encompasses all of them and then some! Her responsiveness, suggestions, and general openness enriched my daughter's wedding. I would highly recommend Barbara.
A. MacKenzie-Rivers Toronto, ON
Barbara rocks. I arrived at our session totally wired, but Barbara was so calm and centred that I slowed right down within minutes of sitting with her. She's sensitive, insightful, and not afraid to tell it like it is. Barbara offered me practical advice, real hands-on stuff. I walked out of there with something I could consciously do for myself, easily and immediately. How cool is that?
S. Remkins Toronto, ON
Thanks for your ear and your wisdom ..... this is how we uplift the world we live in. You are a role model, Barb .... how lovely and beautiful it is to witness as I walk along beside you. Inspirational! In deep respect and reverence of WHO you are.
S. Needham Victoria, BC
I found the session highly helpful. You were able to quickly assess all the information that I put forth to you. You were able to quickly intuit my space. And, your parting suggestion at the end of the hour was so profound, I have committed it to memory and I am trying to live it as much as possible. That was the most telling indication that you truly understood what I was able to share with you. Thanks for your wisdom.
L. Chang Toronto, ON
When you are in Barbara presence's you quickly become aware of her innate ability to being totally present and able to hear clearly from a place of love, compassion and deep empathy. A rare gift. She is a talented counselor, teacher and group leader. It has been an honour to work with her.
A. Drenth Guelph, ON
I just wanted to say thank you. I am incredibly grateful for your support,your guidance. You have always been a woman who I have thought `wow``about, so I am grateful to have your support on this journey. I know I am going to be just great!I really do. It is just the process of getting there. It is all good. I give myself to the higher spirits. I do. It will all be good. Thanks Barb...
K. Abbott Dundas, ON
It is my pleasure to recommend Barbara. In my opinion and experience, Barbara's work is vital and her gift for it is second-to-none. Barbara has a way of bringing timeless spiritual truths to everyday personal, professional and community scenarios in an intellectually stimulating and deeply enriching way. Her fresh and original insights, generous traits and renowned gift for empathic listening and constant learning will profoundly evolve the life, vocation and community of any client who seeks out her workshops, retreats and various other services.
C. Taylor Toronto, ON
Steve and I wanted to thank you for performing a beautiful ceremony for us. Our family and friends thought you were wonderful, and your patience and understanding when we had to switch venues last minute was truly appreciated.
Steve & Chantelle Guelph, ON
Thanks you so much for making it (baptism) such a special ceremony and day for us. It was exactly what we envisioned to welcome Cole in the world. Our families commented what a wonderful job you did and how proud they were to be part of the event. You did a fantastic job!
Julie & Shelby Austin, TX
Thank you for helping us to piece together our perfect wedding ceremony. You helped us to find the words that touched everyone who attended. We will remember that day ALWAYS!
Eric & Absalon USA/Canada
Laura and I would like to extend our deepest thanks for such a beautiful ceremony. We could not have asked for a more fitting wedding and the important role you played. Thank you for the wonderful “Book of Our Vows” you sent. Thank you for helping to make our special day carefree. We will always think of you!
Laura & Al Pickering, ON
Thank you once again for performing a wonderful ceremony for Jeff and I - - you received a lot of compliments from our guests. You were fantastic (heck my mom thought she knew you and that you were a relative that she didn't remember...that's the warmth you exuded). Thanks again for everything and for making our day beautiful and memorable!
Lisa & Jeff Toronto, ON
Just wanted to thank you again for making our wedding more special than we could have ever hoped. Your guidance was most appreciated and you helped make what could have been a very nervous time seem so natural and worry free. You are truly the best in a thousand ways and we cannot thank you enough.
Kristin & Melissa Toronto, ON
We would both like to thank you for officiating at our ceremony, it only added to our special day. There were many compliments about the service and how it was delivered. So, again thank you for making the trip to Oshawa and being a part of our wedding. It was a pleasure. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Lisa & Shannon Oshawa, ON
Barbara was a terrific officiant! She was helpful and supportive from the word go, and made organizing a wedding from overseas a remarkably straightforward task. She also had just the right knack of offering guidance where necessary but otherwise letting us do things just how we wanted. And on the day she did a great job, fitting in perfectly with the informal mood of the ceremony, but at the same time bringing an appropriate sense of solemnity to the occasion. Highly recommended!
Deb & Elaine UK
On behalf of Michael and I….. THANK YOU! It was just wonderful and magical and everything and more than we could have hoped for and you were perfect in it. Thanks for all the support right up to the moment itself.
James & Michael Toronto, ON
Thank you for providing an open and positive environment for me and my partner/fiancé in preparation (Conscious Relationships, Healthy Marriages) for our “big day”!
M. Ross Guelph, ON
I really enjoyed myself (Conscious Relationships, Healthy Marriages). Not only did I learn lots about my partner, but I learned so much more about myself as a person which will only help our relationship grow. This experience helped me reaffirm my commitment.
L. Harrington Guelph, ON
I recommended Barbara be the officiant for my friends who were getting married and she did a lovely job and my friends were very happy. Barbara is soulful and down to earth and creates meaningful celebrations. I would highly recommend Barbara in this role.
G. Cirocco Burlington, ON
Barbara officiated as an ordained interfaith minister. She worked closely with us and helped us craft exactly what we wanted that made for a very meaningful time. The readings she helped us choose made it even more special!
B. Fernandez Guelph, ON
Selecting a wedding celebrant from a website seemed like a risky proposition at the outset. However, from the moment Barbara responded to our inquiry, we knew that we had made the right choice. Barbara expressed interest in our preferences for the service, made subtle suggestions for change and throughout the lead up to our wedding was warm and supportive. At the ceremony itself, she inspired a sense of calm and intimacy. A truly wonderful celebrant!
B. Morden Toronto, ON
Barbara has been a spiritual coach with her business 'Authentic Lives' for several years. Barbara lives the teachings. She is completely 'authentic' in her own life and practices and I trust her as a spiritual coach.
M. Joseph Toronto, ON
Barbara was wonderful! The ceremony she conducted for my wife and I was all we could have asked for. The pre-ceremony meeting with her was painless and informative, and she was a calming influence on the stress of the wedding day. If we were doing it all again, I'd definitely still use her!
J. Brooks-Budhoo Toronto, ON
Barbara was a fantastic group facilitator. She exudes warmth and non-judgement while empowering everyone in the group to become their true selves.
S. Malinsky Toronto, ON
I hired Barb as a personal and spiritual coach and was pleased with the results. Barb has an amazing gift in her inter-personal skills and she always guided me to the right information, asked the deep questions, and journeyed with me as I discovered the answers. Barb is compassionate, highly spiritual and I have highly recommended her and continue to do so.
R. Firth Toronto, ON
My wife and I chose Barbara to perform our wedding ceremony in 2008. She played an important role on a very special day that we remember fondly.
R. Blackwell Guelph, ON
It has been a pleasure to work with you and I have learned so much about you through our conversations, that it is evident what a quality individual you are. I would happily recommend you to those who are well suited for your services.
A. Field Burlington, ON
Barbara performed our wedding service. It was an absolute pleasure to have her share in our special day. We welcomed the opportunity to have her visit our home and baptize our baby boy. She recently joined us again in our home to bless our beautiful baby girl. Antony and I truly feel that Barbara is a part of our lives and it feels like she's part of the family. She made everything very simple and stress free. I'd highly recommend her to anyone.
L. Fitter Kitchener, ON
Barbara is a wonderful spiritual healer I recommend her and invite all to go to www.
M. Byers Niagara on the Lake, ON
I was offered a glimpse of the great possibilities that lie within. The written materials (The Artist’s Way) are complimented by a probing examination of the individual - a perfect forum for discussion leading to revelation, a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding…love…and healing.
J. Tempest Ajax, ON
Thank you so much! Your group (Coming Out) has been a very grounding experience for me. I felt a lot less isolated and I found a group where I actually felt connected to the women there.
J. Kelp Kitchener, ON
Made me think about what else I could do and get involved in. Really enjoyed the company and the wonderful energy.
R. Wurr Cambridge, ON
I enjoyed this group (Women’s Spiritual Conversation) very much. The different age groups were a benefit because each person brought wisdom according to their own experience. Barbara is a great facilitator!
K. Ksenych Guelph, ON
I loved the different themes each evening. Thanks for the affirming environment you created in your home.
B. Simonato Elora, ON
I thoroughly enjoyed the Creative Wisdom Circle. I gained a lot of insight, felt energized and relaxed at the end of each meeting, always looking forward to the next. Thank you, Barb, for an inspirational group.
K. Tonizzo Guelph, ON
When I began this course (Finding Water) I was a bit apprehensive about it’s benefits to me. But, with Barbara’s facilitation and the books content I really enjoyed the experience. One of the exercises in the book assisted me in making a life decision.
M. Crawford Elora, ON
Thank you so much for everything! You kept me calm and on track during our ceremony! Our wedding ceremony was everything we wanted. You did a great job!
Dianna & Jamie Guelph, ON
Martin and I just wanted to send our thanks to you for your part in our special day; we couldn’t have done it without you (literally). The readings you helped us choose made our day even more special!
Stacy & Martin Kitchener, ON
Your soft heart was so evident as you looked into Broderick’s eyes during his baptism ritual. Thank you for bringing your generosity of spirit, your gentleness and your authenticity into our family on this special occasion.
S. Dafoe-Abbey Guelph, ON
Thank you so much for making our day so special. We appreciate all of the talks/discussions during our Course. We will definitely take our new thoughts on communication into our marriage. We really enjoyed our experience with you.
Liam & Mathew Guelph, ON
We would like to thank you very much for the ceremony. You were very helpful in preparing the text and understood our feelings completely - we are very happy to have celebrated that with you.
The Bichots Guelph, ON
Thank you ever so much for officiating our wedding. The day was even more than we could ever have imagined!
Pasha & Rory Grand Cayman Island
Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with the wedding. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and could not have gone any better. We will definetely recommend your services as both John and I were pleased!
Kelly & John Hamilton, ON
Adam and I wanted to sincerely thank-you for playing such an important role in our wedding day being the success that it was. We received countless compliments on how lovely the ceremony was.
Paulette & Adam Toronto, ON
Thank you very much for helping us welcome Alex into our family. We all love your services!
Antony & Lesley Kitchener, ON
Thank you sooooo much for being there on our beautiful day! Everyone liked the ceremony and said you did a GREAT JOB!! We will always remember you and one day hope that our paths will cross again.
Coreen & Mike Wellesley, ON
We could not have been happier with our wedding ceremony. It was so 'us'! Thank you for being such a huge part of our celebration.
Sharon & Angelo Milton, ON
I wanted to reach out to you to thank you again for making our wedding day such a special occasion. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of the beautiful ceremony you performed.
Jeffrey & Jonathan Toronto, ON
This was the first time my family attended a private and personal baptism and they all thought it was wonderful. It was a truly magical day for all of us!
Sharon & Neil Jetty Toronto, ON
Thank you so much, Barbara, for a lovely ceremony. Well done! And all your help and guidance leading up to the big day! It was a fantastic day!
Jenn & Neville Toronto, ON
Thanks again! The ceremony was beautiful and more than we ever imagined! Although I forgot my vows and Charlotte forgot the ring, it was still perfect and added to the charm!
Jenn & Peter Montreal, QC
I felt supported and nurtured throughout the coaching process…
M. Segal Salt Lake City, USA
Thank you so much for the tools and helping me unlock the true self within me!
S. Pring Dundas, ON
Thanks for being an Earth Angel that blesses me with compassion, friendship and words of loving wisdom. Humble Thanks and Appreciation for walking with me on my path of life!
S. McCoy Toronto, ON
What a blessing each memory of your support, gentleness and spirit are to me.....again and again and again and again.
G. Rhea Indianapolis, USA
The name, Authentic Lives, captures the essence of Barbara’s work. She coached me in seeing that my own power increases as I line up the details and actions of my life with who I am. And that recognizing and expressing the deepest values of my heart give me my joy in living.
L. Leenders Toronto, ON
Thank you for listening to me and offering me such unexpected abundance: I had no idea a mentor, you, could open me up to so much in such a short time. I am filled with gratitude.
K. Perrego New York, USA
You are one of the teachers for whom I am so grateful. Thank you. Thank you.
K. Metzner Philadelphia, USA
You have helped me to see that stepping into my power takes belief in myself and my abilities and trust that God is always walking the path alongside of me.
M. Neiser Stoney Creek, ON
I wanted to let you know that you've made a huge impact in my life. Because of you, I went to seminary and took a whole different path than what I foresaw for myself. 'Thank you' seems such a little thing for such a life altering occurrence.
M. Singh Toronto, ON

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